Digital Photos on Canvas – Changing The Way People Think

Digital photography has changed the way people take and share photos. In the days before digital cameras existed, people were not as trigger-happy with the shutter button on their cameras as they are today. This is because each camera could only shoot one roll of film of anywhere between approximately ten and thirty pictures at a time. While not obscenely expensive, rolls of film still cost money, and each roll had to be developed which also cost money. Nowadays, with the advent of the digital camera, it is possible to take hundreds of photos and have them stored on the camera’s memory card. And these pictures can easily be transferred to a computer, where various websites and software applications offer a plethora of options for sharing these photos with practically anybody connected to the web.Digital images are great because they are very easy to share. But there is still something special about having a hard copy of a picture. After all, if you have some great pictures and you want to send them as a gift to family members or friends, chances are good that you aren’t going to want to e-mail them, but instead you’ll want to send them something tangible. One unique way to share your Pictures is to put these images on canvas.You can’t hang a digital picture up on your wall like a museum painting. Or can you? It is now possible to take cherished images and put these on canvas. The canvas is the same type of high quality material used for oil paintings. This process will be able to preserve your photograph for up to a hundred years. Once the process of putting the digital photos on canvas is complete, the picture can be hung with or without a frame.Why is it worthwhile to put these images on canvas? While digital photos are easy to share with people outside your home, these images are not an ideal median for sharing and displaying photos within your home. What is a person to do when he has guests over and his entire photograph collection is stored on his portable hard drive? It is clear that in situations like these, having your files stored digitally is not beneficial at all. By putting your pictures on canvas you can create your own art gallery in your own home. Except the art wasn’t made by a famous artists and the subjects aren’t foreign. Instead, you are the artists, and the subjects of your “paintings” are whatever you’ve taken pictures of: friends, family, vacation spots, etc.The median of photos on canvas offers an elegance of display that simply cannot be matched by viewing them on a computer screen. While the process can be a little pricey (especially when compared with the fact that sharing digital images is practically free), it is important to remember that the canvas photos are constructed by hand to the most exacting standards, using the highest quality material. And these canvases, when kept in museum conditions, are expected to last over one hundred years.

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